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HEB Store has created a platform available at www.heb.com/survey, where you can share feedback easily. Like me, you must also be a regular buyer of HEB store. So now here’s an opportunity for you guys to win exclusive prizes. Yeah, A golden opportunity for you to win 60 prizes each valued at $500 monthly and 20 prizes each valued at $1000 quarterly. What you have to do is simply complete the HEB Store Survey at www.heb.com/survey.

Take www.heb.com/survey

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Complete the H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey by sharing your opinions and feedback regarding their services and products. At the end of the www.heb.com survey you could get a chance to these prizes.

Every running company wants its best work to do to get their best possible satisfaction. But it can only happen correctly if the communication gap between the running company and consumer is the lowest. So to lower the company and consumer communication gap, companies use to have some surveys done. So that they can get the best possible feedback and they can improve.

Take www.heb.com/survey

Companies also provide some discounts or rewards to the customers if they complete the Survey. After all, they are helping them to be better.

In the same way, H.E.B. has a survey too, which, after completion, can make you win the chance of having a $100 Gift Card.

About the HEB Company

Take www.heb.com/survey

HEB grocery company is an American supermarket chain company which is based in San Antonio, Texas. The company started its operation in 1905 . Today company has more than 340 outlets located in Texas and Mexico.

heb survey

HEB stands for “Here Everything’s Better” with this tag line. HEB is the America’s Largest Private Company. H-E-B supermarket stores are dealing into different-different product categories like frozen foods, bakery items, deli, meat, seafood and Snack items etc.

Rules & Requirements of HEB Survey

Take www.heb.com/survey

The www.heb.com/survey survey has a set of rules and requirements as enlisted below:

  • The participants must be legal residents of the United States of America.
  • The participant must be 18 years and above in age.
  • Having a stable internet connection to participate in the survey and devices with internet access like smartphones, desktop or computer or laptop, or tablet, etc.
  • One must have a recent and valid receipt from HEB stores.
  • The survey is available in English or Spanish language, so the participant must know either of these languages. 
  • You will be required to share your basic information with the HEB.
  • An employee of the HEB store or related to any of the employees, vendors, clients, partners, etc. cannot take part in this survey.
  • If your state prohibits any type of survey, then you are not eligible to participate.
  • There will be no cash reward after completing the survey.
  • You cannot exchange the $100 HEB gift card for cash.
  • You cannot transfer your $100 HEB gift card to other people, even your family.
  • You cannot allow others to participate in the survey on your receipt.

Survey Participation Instructions:

heb survey

Online Method

Before you begin the H-E-B customer satisfaction survey, it is essential to make sure that you are offering your honest and unbiased feedback without prejudice against the company and its employees.

Take www.heb.com/survey

  1. Head over to the website of survey by clicking the above button from your computer, laptop or directly from your mobile phone.
  2. On the greeting screen of H-E-B survey, you’ll be able to view the instructions and all of the other related details.
  3. Here you can start by choosing whether you would like to take the H-E-B survey in English or Spanish.
  4. Take out the order receipt and enter the Certificate Code that is printed on it into the survey website.
  5. Answer all of the questions that are asked in the H-E-B survey and provide personal information.
  6. To increase your chances of winning the H-E-B survey sweepstakes, make sure that you fill every field.
  7. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you wish to enter the H-E-B customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes and get a chance to WIN $100 gift card.

Telephone Method

You can also complete the survey on the telephone. Just call on the number mentioned on the invitation receipt and respond to the recorded announcements.

Mail-in Method

Take www.heb.com/survey

You can enter the sweepstakes by mail without making a purchase. For this purpose, handwrites the sentence “Please enroll me as a participant in the Lottery’s Customer Satisfaction Survey HEB for a chance to win great prizes” on a sheet of paper and some personal details like your first name, last name, phone number of home, complete address, email address and send it to their postal address.

HEB Customer Satisfaction Mail-In Sweepstakes Entry


511 Avenue of the Americas, # 40

New York, NY 10011

www.heb.com/survey Sweepstakes reward

heb survey

The person who is taking part in the survey must take care of a few rules and regulations set by the company for the participants. Once you are done with sharing your views, suggestions, and complaints in the survey, you will get a bright chance to get rewarded with a $100 H-E-B Gift Card as a token of appreciation for spending a part of your precious time engaging in this impactful survey. 

You just need to spend 15 minutes to take the survey as it would not extend to more than this time limit. Also, it is important to note that only one reward will be given per person i.e. one person cannot avail the benefit of this survey more than once.

H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey Prize

  • A $500 gift card monthly
  • 5 prizes worth $1000 in form of a check quarterly
  • Start Date: 5/13/2015
  • End Date: 5/12/2016

Did you know?

Take www.heb.com/survey

  • HEB was founded more than one hundred and eleven years ago which is 1905
  • The products that the customers love the most are that of the bakery ones, the frozen food items, the seafood, and various kinds of snacks. Along with these items, general grocery is also in a great demand by the customers.
  • The services that the company offers include fuel and utilities. Alongside, auto health and licenses are also provided in a great range.
  • The company made revenue of twenty-one billion in the last year
  • The company started its business under the supervision of Florence Butt and the first store was opened in Texas
  • The headquarters of the company are in San Antonio
  • The company is practically operating in more than four hundred places worldwide, including the areas of Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, and many more.

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Final Thoughts

Heb is one of the largest supermarket chains in the US and they are privately owned. If you shop at their stores, you should take their survey and let them know what you think and you will be rewarded for your time.

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